Collection: White papier-mâché masks

We sell papier-mâché masks for creative spirits

Our white masks are always unique items, how about giving it a try and creating your own mask? Mask Shop Venice sells the original handmade white mask so that you can paint or create your own design.

White plain Commedia dell’arte masks

We have white masks of all the main Commedia dell’arte figures. Commedia dell’arte was a theatre of comedy and drama that flourished in the 16th and 17th century. Our white papier-mâché masks are also available as a completely white facemask or a white half mask or eye-mask to be used as a masquerade mask.

The meaning of the word mask

The word "mask" comes from the Latin ego or character. The Commedia dell’arte had 8 main characters and each character had his own mask that stands for specific human oddities. These human oddities were sometimes performed in outrageous and grotesque manners on the stage; in fact they held a mirror up to us human beings, reflecting our inner characters. It teaches us that layers of masks compose us; one might wonder what is behind our egos.

How we make the papier-mâché masks

Making commedia dell’arte masks requires skill and dedication. The hand-made white masks are made of qualitative papier-mâché, also known as papier-mâché. Paper masks are made of layers of special glue, which has saturated the paper. After we build up the mask by 6 till 9 layers we dry them in a drying-room. After the drying process the papier-mâché mask is sanded and painted white.

How to make a mask yourself

Our technics results in a strong mask foundation, which can be cut with scissors in order to make a desired shape. Next step is decorating your white mask. Any material you can think of decorate the mask. Let your imagination run wild, the white papier-mâché can handle acrylic and oil paints, beads, gold-leaf, fabrics and much more. Buy a white mask! We sell many models: