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Costume masks: play the part of a celebrity

The extensive collection of costume masks at Mask Shop Venice means you can give your imagination a free rein. Mask Shop Venice has various masks in stock which refer to popular films or classical theatre:

These masks will make sure you stand out at the carnival. Do you want to scare the living daylights out of everyone? Then you will definitely find a mask to suit you for Halloween.

V for Vendetta mask

The V for Vendetta mask is a demonstration of the film from 2006. However, not many people know that this V for Vendetta mask also refers to a comic strip series, which was written and published in the 1980s. With the original V for Vendetta mask, you can play the part of the mysterious Guy Fawkes, who rebelled against the leaders of a totalitarian and dictatorial United Kingdom.

Eyes wide shut mask

The eyes wide shut mask brings you completely into the spirit of the nocturnal escapades of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Stanley Kubrick’s erotic thriller from 1999. Of course, the eyes wide shut mask is also indebted to the Venetian mask tradition.

Bauta mask

The Bauta mask is a typical mask, which was used in 18th century Venice. The Bauta mask was worn during the carnival, but also in daily life and even in politics. A Bauta mask covers the whole face and has a mouth opening, which enables the mask carrier to drink.

Plague doctor mask

The plague doctor mask is the typical mask with the long nose. The origins of the plague doctor mask certainly date back to times of plague in bygone ages when doctors would protect themselves, using the mask, from the plague whilst they treated their suffering patients. In those days, the nose of the plague doctor mask included a filter with a mixture based on salt and aromatic plants.

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