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Steampunk goggles for sale

Mask Shop Venice has a fine range of Steampunk goggles and monocle’s, which are suitable for events such as Burning Man, Steampunk meetings or masked parties. We sell Steampunk goggles and monocles at an affordable price. They are all handmade using the materials of the 19th century such as leather straps, copper cogwheels and brass ornaments. Most goggles come with free additional accessories and a shock resistant case. Have a look at our:

History of Steampunk

Steampunk is a science fiction fantasy of the 19th century, at the time the steam powered engine was the key technology of the industrial revolution. It envisioned designers, architects and artist’s in the so-called Victorian Era. Fictional magical mystical machines were built and futuristic buildings rose up everywhere.

Post Cyberpunk

Steam punkers, also known as “The post cyber-visionaries” dream about improving the human body using mechanical steam technology. They applied materials such as leather, copper, brass, steel and glass in their clothes to express their vision of an anachronistic post-apocalyptic future.

Mechanical fashion

Fashion designers took over this subculture and combined mechanical steam technology and aesthetic clothing design. The Steampunk Style was born!

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