Collection: Venetian Joker & Jester masks

Venetian Joker and Jester masks: surprise or decorate

With our Venetian Joker and Jester masks you can celebrate in style or play the fool. Renowned and iconic figures such as the Venetian Jester masks and Joker masks make a comeback in various items in our Venetian mask collection:

Venetian masks Jester masks, the art of skilful handicrafts

A Venetian mask is ideal if you want to go to a costumed party or carnival in style. But our Jester-masks can also look great as a wall decoration. You can choose from various shapes and colors: Venetian masks are completely high-ranking. The finish product is very fine and of good quality. All our masks are handmade with care and dedication by the mask makers from

The Joker mask: a real work of art

The Joker mask, which is also called the Jester mask or Jolly mask, has stunning curly headdress with bells at the ends. Some models are decorated with a curly breast piece. Making a Venetian mask requires skill and finesse, and offers you a charming work of art.

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